Gropen Headquarters is pretty awesome.

As the company and business grew, owner, T.J. Ronayne, saw the need to expand workspace to keep up with the demand of recurring and new business. In 2017, Gropen broke ground on a new facility just down the road in the foothills of Albemarle County. Our new 30,000 sq. ft. headquarters is a renovated and repurposed former construction firm that had an existing 10,000 sq. ft., adding a brand new 20,000 sq. ft.

Our facility is unique in the signage and fabrication industry because we employ a full-time design team alongside our fabrication equipment and staff. We manufacture from raw goods to finished products, meaning we are not dependent on sub-contractors during any stage of project design to fabrication. We set the timeframe and oversee quality control; every step of the process from project inception to installation is under our supervision. This facilitates an efficient expedited collaboration.